FXN Rope

The FXN Rope is engineered specifically for enclosed spaces, activating at a precise threshold of 430°F to cover the entire area due to its unique shape. This ensures comprehensive fire safety without causing damage to devices in the vicinity, making it ideal for environments where equipment protection is critical.

FXN Rope: The Future of Fire Suppression Technology

The FXN Rope introduces a novel approach to fire suppression, offering rapid, effective solutions crucial for protecting high-capacity electrical and communication devices.

Innovative Features of FXN Rope:

– Swift Fire Extinguishing: Achieves fire suppression within 30~90 seconds, targeting the essential early intervention window.

– Intelligent Heat Sensing: Features capsules that burst at specific temperatures to release a powerful extinguishing agent, suitable for a wide temperature range.

– Eco-Friendly Safety: Non-toxic and environmentally safe, the FXN Rope ensures the safety of both people and equipment in enclosed spaces.

– Versatile Fire Suppression: Capable of addressing a broad spectrum of fire types (A, B, C, and E), providing comprehensive protection.

– Effortless Installation: Designed for simplicity, it can be installed with minimal effort, using magnetic clips or cable ties for flexibility.

With FXN Rope, safeguard your premises against fire threats through a blend of rapid activation, smart detection, and ease of installation. Whether it’s for electrical cabinets, substations, or any high-risk area, FXN Rope offers variants tailored to a wide range of protective needs, ensuring your environment remains safe and compliant.

Opt for FXN Rope: Harness advanced fire suppression technology and secure your facilities with confidence. Prioritize safety with our intelligently designed solutions, reflecting our commitment to innovation and protection in fire safety.

At FireXNull, we stand at the forefront of fire safety innovation. Our mission is to usher in “THE FUTURE OF SAFETY

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