Smart Fire Suppression with Nanotech

Peace of Mind Prevention Protection

Secure your environment with FireXNull’s effective and immediate fire suppression solutions.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience the forefront of fire safety with our state-of-the-art automatic extinguishing system. Utilizing cutting-edge technology,

Seamless Integration

Our system seamlessly integrates into various environments, whether it's a residential space, commercial establishment, or industrial facility.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

Our eco-friendly solutions extinguish fires swiftly and cleanly, ensuring safety with minimal environmental impact. Firexnull: Superior, sustainable fire suppression.

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FireXNull, Nanotech in Fire Safety

Explore FireXNull’s FXN Series, featuring nano-tech with microcapsules filled with a fire-extinguishing agent. These capsules activate at 250°F, melting and releasing the agent that rapidly cools and vaporizes to extinguish fires quickly. Witness this innovative action in our animation, demonstrating the capsules’ effectiveness in heat.

Immediate Fire Suppression

FireXNull's extinguishers are engineered for swift action. At the first sign of fire, they automatically spring into action, deploying our specialized fire-quenching agent swiftly to subdue the flames.

Easy Installation

FireXNull's fire safety devices are designed for quick and easy setup. Perfect for areas at risk for fires, they can be installed promptly and efficiently, offering immediate protection. Our user-friendly products ensure enhanced safety with minimal effort.

Automatic Suppression

Experience peace of mind with FireXNull's automatic fire suppression technology. Our advanced systems are engineered to detect and extinguish fires instantly, safeguarding your space without the need for manual intervention.


Safety is our priority. FireXNull products are made with non-toxic materials, ensuring that they are safe for use around people and pets, even in enclosed spaces.


Committed to sustainability, FireXNull extinguishers contain eco-friendly substances that effectively fight fires without harming the environment.


Once installed, FireXNull products require no maintenance, providing peace of mind with their ‘set and forget’ convenience.

Industries Protected by Our Fire Solutions

FireXNull’s innovative technology transcends industry boundaries, offering adaptable and reliable safety solutions. Below, explore how various industries can benefit from our advanced fire protection systems
Fire Prevention Solutions

Commercial Real Estate

Encompasses office buildings, shopping centers, and entertainment venues.


Energy Sector

Power plants, substations, renewable energy installations like wind farms and solar parks.


Industrial Facilities

Includes factories, warehouses, chemical plants, and automotive assembly lines.

Why Choose FireXNull?

Eco-Friendly Fire Suppression

FireXNull revolutionizes fire suppression with eco-friendly microcapsule nanotechnology. This innovative approach encapsulates fire extinguishing agents, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring maximum effectiveness. Unlike traditional systems that rely on harmful chemicals, we leverage the power of agents like FK-5-1-12, known for their safety and minimal environmental footprint. Choose FireXNull for a greener, safer choice in fire protection – perfect for healthcare, schools, and eco-conscious businesses.

Automatic Fire Suppression 24/7

Our microcapsule nanotechnology provides round-the-clock fire protection. These microcapsules automatically release their fire-suppressing agent when exposed to high temperatures, instantly targeting the source of the fire. This immediate response minimizes fire spread and damage. Ideal for electrical systems, lithium-ion battery storage, and other high-risk areas, our technology offers peace of mind without the need for manual activation.

Effective Asset Protection

FireXNull protects your valuable assets with unparalleled precision. Our microcapsule technology can be applied directly to high-risk surfaces and components, such as circuit boards and batteries, providing targeted fire suppression where it matters most. This focused approach safeguards critical infrastructure, expensive equipment, and irreplaceable data. Minimize downtime and protect your reputation and financial wellbeing with FireXNull.



The Strength of 3M Adhesives in FXN Series

At FireXNull, we’re committed to using only the best materials in our FXN series products, which is why we rely on 3M 467MP and 200MP Adhesives. Part of 3M’s renowned high-performance adhesive range, these adhesives are celebrated for their exceptional bonding strength.
Their versatility is evident in their wide usage across various sectors such as electronics, automotive, and aerospace, ensuring reliability under demanding conditions. The defining features of 3M’s adhesives – remarkable durability, high-temperature resistance, and the capacity to form robust bonds on diverse surfaces – make them an integral part of our product’s quality and resilience.

Discover the strength and reliability of FireXNull’s FXN Series, powered by the unmatched quality of 3M adhesives.


Our Products

Experience the next level of fire safety with FireXNull’s advanced nanotechnology and innovative extinguisher solutions

FXN Sticker

Attach the appropriately sized FXN Sticker to the interior top of the device for adequate fire extinguishing capacity.

FXN Rope

Affix the FXN Rope about 2 to 4 inches below the top edge of the object you're protecting, ensuring it runs parallel for full ...

FXN Tape

The FXN Tape stands out from conventional insulated wire tape with its unique fire-extinguishing agent. This feature allows ...


FXN Microcapsules

We have developed a pioneering solution that integrates nano fire-extinguishing materials into polymer cells, creating a specialized pigment that acts automatically...

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The genuine FireXNull product is distinguished by its unique design and swift fire extinguishing capability, easily recognizable by its distinctive packaging.

No, the FireXNull product is odorless.

No, FireXNull products do not contain any harmful substances.

Activation of the FireXNull extinguisher is indicated by the discharge of the extinguishing agent, signifying its use.

Reusability depends on the remaining agent. If there is agent left, reseal the product after use. If no agent remains, indicating full deployment, it cannot be reused.

FireXNull is engineered for quick fire suppression, with the response time depending on the fire’s size and intensity.

Yes, FireXNull products are designed for ease of installation and can be applied effortlessly without professional assistance.

Keep FireXNull products in a cool, dry area away from sunlight and heat to maintain their efficacy.

Certain FireXNull items may be fit for outdoor use. Verify product instructions for outdoor use specifications and restrictions.

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Empower your operations with robust security and ensure the well-being of your team. FireXNull is the trusted choice of industry leaders for advanced safety solutions. Start your journey towards a more secure future with us. Your protection is our priority.

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