FXN Tape

FXN Fire-Fighting Insulation Tape introduces the next generation of safety with its innovative design. Seamlessly integrating into electrical safety protocols, it serves as both a high-quality insulator and an active fire extinguisher. The tape’s advanced fire-fighting properties set it apart from traditional insulated wire tape. Imbued with a fire-extinguishing agent, it rapidly puts out fires, ensuring maximum protection.

Non-conductive and reliable, FXN Tape effectively prevents electrical currents, maintaining a safe environment. The specialized agent within the tape does not harm electrical devices while suppressing fires, preserving valuable equipment. Post-fire, FXN Tape reveals combustion signs, providing visible proof of its protective action and assuring users of its fire-fighting engagement.

In the event of a fire, FXN Tape’s fire-suppression capabilities may diminish due to capsule consumption. It is recommended to replace the tape to maintain optimal protection. The tape’s environmental suitability lies in its cooling and suffocation method for fire suppression, making it unsuitable for open spaces. FXN Tape is designed for longevity, but replacement is necessary if visible combustion signs are present or after 60 months of use to ensure continuous protection.

FXN Tape stands as a reliable safeguard against potential fire hazards caused by aging wiring or electrical overcurrents. It merges peace of mind with cutting-edge technology, providing a proactive solution for enhanced electrical safety.


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