FXN Sticker

Introducing our FXN Sticker, perfected for use with electrical boxes of various capacities:

0.65 ft³ (20 liters)

1 ft³ (30 liters)

1.5 ft³ (50 liters)

2.4 ft³ (65 liters)

Our stickers are embedded with microcapsules sized between 2000 to 20,000 microinches, containing high-velocity flow-coating carriers encased in strong polymers, to ensure exceptional and enduring application.

Utilizing the latest in nano-materials and suitable for a spectrum of over 120 non-permeable substances, the FXN Sticker maintains the artistic integrity of your projects. It boasts an easy installation process, enhancing your confidence in the product’s performance. Each sticker has a lifespan of 5 years once removed from the box, mirroring the renewal requirement of a fire extinguisher, thereby ensuring ongoing reliability and safety. We stand behind the distinguished quality of our FXN Sticker and are committed to providing thorough rectification if any inconsistencies arise, ensuring your absolute satisfaction.

How to install FXN Sticker?


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