FDIC International 2024

Are you ready to revolutionize fire safety? Join us at booth #8422 in the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium from April 18th to April 20th and discover the future of fire suppression technology with FireXNull.

About FireXNull: At FireXNull, we’re committed to combating electrical fires using cutting-edge solutions. Our innovative products, powered by patented technology and nano-innovations, provide unparalleled protection in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Discover Our Solutions:

  • FXN Sticker: Ideal for 400-amp electrical panels or spaces up to 2.30 cubic feet. Activates at 250°F.
  • FXN Rope: Designed for commercial and industrial applications, protects enclosures ranging from 3.5 – 35 cubic feet. Activates at 250°F.
  • FXN Tape: Essential for professionals working with power lines, insulating and non-conductive. Activates at 250°F.
  • FXN Microcapsules: Ideal for OEM customers seeking advanced fire protection integration. Automatic activation at 250°F.

How It Works: Our microencapsulation technology employs microscopic capsules filled with a specialized fire-extinguishing agent. When temperatures reach 250°F, the capsules melt, liberating the agent directly onto the fire, offering rapid and effective suppression.

Certifications and Standards: Rest assured, our products adhere to the highest safety standards. With UL recognition, UL certification, and ISO certification, we ensure quality and safety in every aspect of our operations.

Experience the FDIC Difference: FDIC International isn’t just a trade show—it’s an experience. Connect with thousands of Fire & Rescue professionals, learn from world-class instructors, and explore the most innovative products and services in the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network, learn, and recharge your passion for the industry.

Join Us: Mark your calendars for April 18th to April 20th and visit booth #8422 at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium. Let’s shape the future of fire safety together!

See you at FDIC International 2024!

At FireXNull, we stand at the forefront of fire safety innovation. Our mission is to usher in “THE FUTURE OF SAFETY

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